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Curtis & Curtis is a family owned/run business and we take a great pride in our name and customer service.   We have been based at Wiener Platz, close to the center of Munich for over 20 years.

We believe that the best form of advertising is by recommendation from satisfied customers. Lee Curtis (British) begun restoring and selling antique furniture in London in the 1970s. Curtis & Curtis was founded in Wiener Platz when Lee moved to Munich and married Eva (German) in the 1990s. The shop originally sold antiques only. The transition to include designing and making new furniture (in a traditional style) was gradual     and resulted from requests made by customers.   



Curtis Workshop - Made to size

Our handmade, solid wood, Furniture Range uses a simple, classic 19th century style suited to mix with modern furniture or other antiques.  This is made to have a character similar to antique pieces and, using this style, we can make practically anything you wish. 

You have only to discuss your specific needs with our design team and we will produce a professional scaled drawing for you to consider. We will also inform you exactly what the item will cost and a delivery date (often less than 8 weeks). This is a free service. 

We produce hundreds of special customer requirement drawings per year and most are accepted and made. This can be anything from a small bed-side table to a huge 4 meter long bedroom wardrobe, restaurant bar or private library.

When you visit our showroom you can view samples of our standard product range - over 100 popular items that we continually produce - You may find something that fulfils your needs or, if not, we can adapt any of our existing designs to suit your specific requirements. So it will not be difficult for you to imagine how your special piece will look - it will most likely be a slight size variation of something that we are already making! 


Tables from Curtis and Curtis

Antique style dining tables are our speciality and we sincerely believe that it will be difficult to find a better range of superb quality tables in any other single location. We supply tables, handmade to any size,  in a variety of high quality hard woods (cherry, oak, etc), and in many shades of deep rich wood tones and colours.  Our finest tables use a durable wax finish that is easy to clean and will not be harmed by spilt wine, tea or coffee. If you are looking for a genuine antique table you should consider our alternative possibilities that are practically indistinguishable from the antique and may be made to the size and finish you require. 

Chairs and Seating

by Lee J. Curtis
by Lee J. Curtis

We specialise in selling original antique Thonet (bentwood) chairs, fully restored in our workshop. A variety of the models we have in stock are shown in our showrooms but often only as a single example. If you find a design that you want please ask how many of these may be available. We often hold up to 200 original antique pieces in storage and can supply restaurants and coffee shops.

New Lloyd Loom (special wicker) is an interesting alternative to wood and upholstery (Lee Curtis is the author of a history of Lloyd Loom). Some samples of these chairs can be viewed but many more designs are available to order so please ask to see the extensive catalogue.

We make wooden benches (for interior use) to any size. - see our design service / Curtis Workshop. 

Several other chair styles, which we find interesting, are offered including our special Curtis budget chair. This is all made from solid beach wood and available in white for Euro 99 each or in any colour shown on the RAL K7 classic colour chart for Euro 119 each.

Our Special Curtis foot stool costs from Euro 49 each.

Desks & Office Furniture

You will find a variety of  desks with drawers, writing tables, bureau and other items of furniture for the home or professional office on display in our showrooms and mixed with the occasional antique pieces. We also produce our own classic design writing desks, bureau and bookshelves made to any size and with a variety of colour/finishes. Office work stations and foyer entrance stations can also be designed and made by us to your own specifications. - see our design service / Curtis Workshop.  

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Wardrobes and Cupboards

Traditional style wardrobes and cupboards handmade to your exact specifications in painted or stained pine (in a variety of colours) are our speciality. Occasional antique pieces are also usually available. If it is an antique - it will state so on the price label and this usually means that the item is for sale as a one-off and available only exactly as seen. Many other items, made in a traditional/antique style may be purchased in a variety of sizes & finishes. So if you find something you like but would prefer a different size or colour/finish - please ask if this is possible.

Bookcases and Bookshelves

We offer a range of Traditional style bookcases and bookshelf systems handmade in painted or stained pine (in a variety of colours) and occasionally antique pieces.  If it is an antique - it will state so on the price label and this usually means that the item is for sale as a one-off and available only exactly as seen. Many other items, made in a traditional/antique style may be purchased in a variety of sizes & finishes. So if you find something you like but would prefer a different size or colour/finish - please ask if this is possible. 

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Children's Furniture

Our popular chest of drawers with removable baby nappy changing top is available in two classic designs that match our special baby cot - children´s bed and wardrobes. We can therefore supply single  pieces or furnish a complete child´s bedroom and playroom. Because we use a classic style and solid wood our pieces are intended for lifetime use. For example - our baby cot converts to a child´s bed and can also be used as an adult´s  sofa. The chest of drawers, when the baby top is removed, can be used anywhere in your home. Our wardrobes are all supplied with adjustable interior shelves and removable clothes rails so they are entirely flexible for alternative uses - for example - in a lounge - to contain a TV and Hi-Fi units, books,  etc.  We also make open bookshelves to any size. A smaller version of our classic writing desk and small, low tables that are idea for kid´s playrooms. 

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Kitchen and Kitchen buffets

A few samples are shown here of kitchen units made in our traditional style. We will be happy to design the storage and work spaces exactly as you require.


Beds from Curtis and Curtis

We presently make three different types/designs of  bed - available in any size and a variety of colour/finishes.  These match wardrobes, chest of drawers, etc, made by us in the same style so we can easily create a complete co-ordinated bedroom for you if you wish. 

Our special Baby Cot (also see children´s furniture) is designed for long-term use so that, when the baby security bars are no longer required, it will continue to function as an attractive child´s bed 0r as a sofa.  

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Lighting & Houseware

Classic styled table, desk lamps and chandeliers (new & antique) are displayed throughout our showrooms. We usually also have antique (fully restored) examples of the famous Anglepoise desk lamp for sale.

May other useful items such as coat hooks (large selection), Valet clothes stands, wall clocks, foot mats, and mirrors are always displayed. We make mirrors, in our house style, to any size and also design and make wall panels, for the entrance hall, with integrated mirrors and coat hooks to customer specifications. 


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Decorative & Gifts

In our gift shop, (all year and enlarged for the Christmas season), you will find a variety of inexpensive, practical, or fun gifts ideal for children or adult birthdays, dinner parties, weddings and other occasions. We also organise combined payments for a larger wedding gift - so that a couple, for example, wishing to purchase one of our superb dining tables - may have this paid for by contributions from friends and family.

Decorative items - such as large reproduction models of sailing ships, classic Riva boats, vintage style aeroplanes, globes, hat boxes, etc are displayed throughout our showrooms with occasional pieces of decorative antique architectural detail. 


How to find us

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